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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!

Autumn Term 2019

Science Investigation: Testing the properties of rocks.

Class 3 honed their scientific method skills this week to test and record results relating to the properties of different rocks. Using specialist equipment we tested a selection of rocks for permeability, durability and density. This enabled us to sort and group rocks based upon their different properties, to draw conclusions and to discuss appropriate uses for the different rocks we tested.

Science: Modelling Rock formation

In Science lessons we have been learning how the three main types of rock (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic) are formed. We used heat, pressure and a variety of sweet cooking ingredients to model the process and help it stick in our minds!
Summer Term 2019

The Romans in LVGVVALIVM (Carlisle):

Our trip to Tullie House Museum.

We had an exciting day out to Carlisle to learn more about the Romans in Britain at Tullie House museum., the site of a former Roman fort. We took part in a hands-on workshop where we got to handle various Roman and replica artefacts as well as using our senses, knowledge, role-play and questioning skills to try to work out the characters that the different items belonged to.  By seeing and handling real objects we were able to get more of a sense of what life was really like for the Roman and Celtic people living in and around Carlisle at that time. After lunch we explored the museum where we saw lots of Roman artefacts and exhibitions and even climbed a scale model of Hadrian’s Wall!


African Drumming Workshop

Roman Pottery

Emily brought in some samples of real Roman Pottery for us to look at. We got the chance to behave like real archaeologists—digging for evidence and using questioning to try to find out more about what we discovered. We learned about the main types of Roman pottery  called fine ware and course ware and what they would have been used for in every day life or for special occasions.

We studied a real Roman oil lamp and tried to work out what it was used for and what this told us about life in Roman times. We also had a go at making our own Roman style pot from plasticine.


Roman Pottery Investigations

Trip to Windermere Jetty Museum

Class 3 visited the newly-opened Jetty museum and were treated to a tour of the museum's exhibits and a range of activities in the education centre. The children enjoyed the hands-on learning experiences around a range of subject areas including History, Maths, Design and Technology and Science.


We invited Gareth from Woodmatters to our Forest to lead us in an outdoor education day. We learned how to select wood and build our own fires.We made our own charcoal from willow strips and used real tools such as saws and peelers to carve a real butter knife from willow.

Spring Term 2019

K'NEX Engineering workshop

We were delighted to invite Fran from STEM Cumbria to lead us in an engineering and problem-solving workshop using K'NEX construction materials. We learned about the basics of making and strengthening joints through building 2D and 3D shapes and then used what we found out to build a tall and strong tower. We also had a go at designing a helmet and experimented to see if we could create a bridge strong enough for a car to get across!

Windermere Jetty Museum Opening

Year 3 and 4 children were invited to the opening of Windermere Jetty museum to perform their verses of the special folk song we wrote as part of our Arts Award project alongside other local schools. We had a fantastic time and performed our song beautifully! It was great to have a final day performing with musicians Sam and Grace and seeing all our hard work pay off, We were even on the radio! We celebrated our super performance with a Ceilidh dance just for fun. Well done to those children who took part!

Opening of Windermere Jetty Museum

Opening of Windermere Jetty Museum 1
Opening of Windermere Jetty Museum 2
Opening of Windermere Jetty Museum 3
Opening of Windermere Jetty Museum 4
Opening of Windermere Jetty Museum 5
Opening of Windermere Jetty Museum 6

How does the digestive system work?

We created a rather messy model to show the functions of the different parts of the digestive system and how food travels through the body!

Windermere Jetty Museum Trip

To round off our learning with the Folk Song Project, Years 4 and 5 were invited to a "sneak preview" of the Windermere Jetty museum. We had a great time looking at all the exhibits and the highlight was definitely seeing 'Branksome', the boat which we wrote our verse of the song about.

World Book Day!

Class 3 had a wonderful time sharing their favourite books and stories. Some of us dressed in our own clothes and some as favourite book characters and we participated in lots of fun activities to share our love and enjoyment of books!

Traditional Chinese Lion Dance

Class 3 were excited to put into practice some of their learning relating to ancient China when we were visited this week by an artist who taught us a traditional lion dance that is performed at Chinese New Year.


In connection with our learning in Geography, we were visited by Geologist Stephen Wright who shared his expertise of rocks, fossils and volcanoes and shared a variety of resources to help us understand the structure of the earth and how rocks, mountains and volcanoes are formed. Through fun and hands-on activities we experienced different erupting lava and ash volcano models, and even saw live footage of the eruption in EyjafjallajökullIceland in 2010!

Lacrosse Training

Class 3 hit the court with Mr Chambers as part of their weekly P.E. lessons to practise their Lacrosse skills this week. Speed, effort, determination and team-work help us to improve our fitness and skill and we were able to have lots of fun whilst we worked!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Life in the Shang Dynasty

In exploring our History topic, we looked this week at what life was like for different people during the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China. We looked at pictures and artefacts and tried to work out what the roles of different people might be. We then found out about the different levels of society and what life might have been like for the King and his family, Priests and Government Workers, Noble Warriors, Craftsmen, Peasant Farmers and Slaves. In our groups we had to further research, prepare and perform our findings to the rest of the group. We loved putting the details into our role play!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18

Independent Learners

In Class 3 this term we are working hard at increasing our independence. We work with different people and use a range of skills and resources to help develop our understanding during lessons.

Autumn Term 2018

Christmas is coming!

Class 3 were feeling festive today as we practised our hymn for the Christingle service whilst wearing our Elf hats!

Picture 1


We have been putting our scientific enquiry skills to the test! Our first challenge was to try to make a bulb light up using just a battery and two wires! We didn’t have much  success, so we learned about where electricity comes from, how it travels and what makes a circuit work correctly. We also learned about the dangers of electricity and experimented with different materials to learn whether they conducted electricity or not. We recorded and shared our results.


Remembering World War I

To commemorate 100 years since the end of World War 1, Class 3 spent Remembrance week learning about ‘The Great War’. We read about the causes of the war and built a (very complicated!)timeline to show what had happened in different countries before the fighting began. We looked at a range of historical sources to find out about what life was like for soldiers on the Western Front, designed and built our own trenches and wrote an uncomfortable diary entry describing the  squalid conditions. We also learnt about life in England at the time of the war and created posters encouraging people to ration and grow their own food. We also learned about the important role that women played in the workforce, with a focus on  the   munitions factories.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Drafting a text message/email

It's really important to practise saying aloud and drafting what we want to write about. For this activity we were writing in the role of the boy from our new story 'Into the Forest' by Anthony Brown. With our talk partners we thought about what we might say, said it out loud a few times and then drafted our sentences on to our whiteboards. This meant we could check spellings and make corrections before we typed it up on the laptops. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Natural Connections Trip

In connection with our learning in Science on the life cycles of plants and trees we visited St Catherine’s Wood where nature expert Gareth taught us how to use our senses to tune into the world around us. We played games to help us notice details and patterns, created art using natural materials and learned more about how trees work. We began to think about what nature means to us.


Our first challenge of the year with our new learning partners was to take 30 art straws and 30cms of tape and build the tallest tower we could. We gained points for height, the tower being able to stand up by itself and for not using extra materials. It was fun and we learned lots about teamwork and building structures!

Our Class 3 pupil team!

Our Class 3 pupil team! 1

Summer Term 2018

Folk Song Recording Session

Folk Song Recording Session 1
Folk Song Recording Session 2
Folk Song Recording Session 3
Folk Song Recording Session 4
Folk Song Recording Session 5
Folk Song Recording Session 6
Folk Song Recording Session 7
Class 3 were lucky this week to have the experience of making a professional recording of the folk song that we have helped to write and have worked hard on practising for Lakeland Arts. Sam and Grace explained the process of how song recordings are made and we got to experience the specialist equipment used, as well as hearing our own performance for the first time! We can't wait to hear the final edit and are looking forward to performing for the opening of the new Steamboat Museum in Bowness very soon!

Canoeing Adventure Day

Canoeing Adventure Day 1
Canoeing Adventure Day 2
Canoeing Adventure Day 3
Canoeing Adventure Day 4
Canoeing Adventure Day 5
Canoeing Adventure Day 6
Canoeing Adventure Day 7
Canoeing Adventure Day 8
What a fantastic Outdoor Education day we had canoeing on Lake Windermere! We worked as a team to paddle and steer our boats as well as completing several fun challenges! We had fun in and out of the water and had chance to play a few games as well as cooling off from the heat of the day with a dip in the Lake! Many thanks to Mr Tomes who organised and led the sessions for us - it was a fantastic day!!

Crossing the River!

Crossing the River! 1
Crossing the River! 2
Crossing the River! 3
Crossing the River! 4
Crossing the River! 5
Crossing the River! 6
Crossing the River! 7
Crossing the River! 8
Crossing the River! 9
Crossing the River! 10
Crossing the River! 11
Crossing the River! 12
Crossing the River! 13
Crossing the River! 14

Owl Sanctuary visit

Owl Sanctuary visit 1
Owl Sanctuary visit 2
Owl Sanctuary visit 3
Owl Sanctuary visit 4
Owl Sanctuary visit 5
Owl Sanctuary visit 6
Owl Sanctuary visit 7
Owl Sanctuary visit 8
Owl Sanctuary visit 9
Owl Sanctuary visit 10
Owl Sanctuary visit 11
Owl Sanctuary visit 12
Owl Sanctuary visit 13
Owl Sanctuary visit 14
Owl Sanctuary visit 15
Owl Sanctuary visit 16
Owl Sanctuary visit 17
Owl Sanctuary visit 18
Owl Sanctuary visit 19
Owl Sanctuary visit 20
Owl Sanctuary visit 21
Owl Sanctuary visit 22
Owl Sanctuary visit 23
We were so excited this week to be visited by Nicola and 5 of her feathered friends from the Owl Sanctuary. Nicola shared loads of interesting information and the stories of Bulan, Star, Toddy, Cuddles and baby Eagle Owl Clyde who we got to see and even hold! It was a brilliant experience to get to see these amazing creatures up close!

Investigating the life of plants!

Investigating the life of plants! 1
Investigating the life of plants! 2
Investigating the life of plants! 3
Investigating the life of plants! 4
Investigating the life of plants! 5
Investigating the life of plants! 6
Investigating the life of plants! 7
Investigating the life of plants! 8
In Science this week we have begun an investigation into how plants grow. We each received and re-potted a bean plant and have used our knowledge of the 7 life process to design an experiment based around the removal of one of these. We created a question (such as "Can plants grow if they have no heat?"), made predictions for our tests and will now take close observations of any changes in the plant over the next 3 weeks. We can't wait to see if our predictions are corrects!

We are Sailing!

We are Sailing! 1
We are Sailing! 2
We are Sailing! 3
We are Sailing! 4
We are Sailing! 5
We are Sailing! 6
We are Sailing! 7
We are Sailing! 8
We are Sailing! 9
We are Sailing! 10
We are Sailing! 11
We have been very lucky over the past 3 weeks to have the opportunity to join Mr Shirra and his team to do some fantastic sailing on Windermere! Each group had varying amounts of sunshine and wind, but we all had an amazing time and learnt some very valuable skills.

Folk Song Project

Folk Song Project 1
Folk Song Project 2
Folk Song Project 3
Folk Song Project 4
We were lucky this week to be visited by Folk musicians Sam and Grace, and Natasha from Lakeland Arts to join in with a project for the opening of the new Steamboat Museum. The children have learned a melody to a traditional folk song from this area and we will work together to create lyrics and a recording in the coming weeks. It is a very exciting local project to be involved in!

Carnival of the Animals

This week we were treated to a musical extravaganza by the Cumbria Music Service! We joined Class 1 to listen to musicians playing extracts from 'Carnival of the animals' by Saint-Saens. We took part in a quiz where we had to listen closely to the live music and guess which animal we thought the piece represented. We also had songs to sing and lots of instruments to try out as well as hearing the wind instruments played so beautifully. We especially liked the low sounds of the bassoon!!

Blue Sky, White Wing

Blue Sky, White Wing 1
Blue Sky, White Wing 2
Blue Sky, White Wing 3
Blue Sky, White Wing 4
Blue Sky, White Wing 5
Blue Sky, White Wing 6
Blue Sky, White Wing 7
Blue Sky, White Wing 8
Blue Sky, White Wing 9
Blue Sky, White Wing 10
Blue Sky, White Wing 11
Blue Sky, White Wing 12
Blue Sky, White Wing 13
Blue Sky, White Wing 14
Blue Sky, White Wing 15
Blue Sky, White Wing 16
Blue Sky, White Wing 17
Blue Sky, White Wing 18
Blue Sky, White Wing 19
Blue Sky, White Wing 20
Blue Sky, White Wing 21
Blue Sky, White Wing 22
We took our learning and our storytelling tent outside this week for a group performance of a new story 'Blue Sky, White Wing'. We worked hard with our teams to make sure everyone had a role and to use our voices in different ways to show our understanding of the story. Some groups also used actions to make the story come alive for those listening. At the end of the performance we shared another creation tale all together.

Tales Told in Tents

Tales Told in Tents 1
Tales Told in Tents 2
Tales Told in Tents 3
Tales Told in Tents 4
Tales Told in Tents 5
We began our English lessons for the new term with a new book - "Tales Told in Tents" by Sally Pomme Clayton, a selection of traditional stories from Central Asia. We have created our own storytelling tent to listen to, share, re-tell and perform a selection of stories over the next few weeks.

Spring Term 2018


This Week in Science we continued our learning to do with forces and investigated the effect of friction upon a moving object. In this lively, hands-on lesson, we had to test different materials on the ramp to see which created the most friction and made it more difficult for the toy car to start moving. We followed the Scientific Method, making predictions, testing and evaluating our results. 

Force of Friction!

Force of Friction! 1
Force of Friction! 2
Force of Friction! 3
Force of Friction! 4


Whilst revising how to write a list, including using commas to separate items, Class 3 got creative and explored a variety of list poems that ranged from serious to very silly! We started off by composing and sharing ideas using similies, alliteration and rhyme and put them all together to create this fantastic poem based upon an original by Gervase Phinn. We then chose our favourite poem and wrote our own versions and performed them to the class!

Class 3 List Poem!

Class 3 List Poem! 1
Class 3 List Poem! 2

Happy New Year!

After a lovely holiday break full of lots of treats, we decided to 'give back' to our local wildlife. To round off our work on 'Living Things and their Habitats' we spent some time investigating common garden birds. We decided to help them out during the winter weather and made some natural bird feeder using pine cones. We hung them on trees outside our class window and hope we will be able to spot any visitors that pop by for a snack!

Feed the Birds!

Feed the Birds! 1
Feed the Birds! 2
Feed the Birds! 3
Feed the Birds! 4
Feed the Birds! 5
Feed the Birds! 6
Feed the Birds! 7
Feed the Birds! 8
Feed the Birds! 9
Feed the Birds! 10
Feed the Birds! 11
Feed the Birds! 12

Autumn Term 2017

Week 14

Amidst all the fun of preparing for Christmas, with our school disco, performances and rehearsals for the Christingle Service, Class 3 were delighted by a surprise visit from Father Christmas! We loved receiving our special gifts - our very own Santa hats and notebooks! We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Ho Ho Ho!

Santa's Surprise Visit!

Santa's Surprise Visit! 1

Week 13

D.T. Week! We have been putting our Design and Technology skills to the test this week by designing, making and evaluating a variety of Christmas craft projects. We skilfully sewed and decorated Christmas baubles, designed and created our own Christmas cards, one of which was an effective pop-out tree! We also unleashed our creative choice by designing and building our favourite Christmas character as a 3-D figurine. There were lots of challenges along the way and we reflected upon what we had to change to make things work and also what we might do differently next time. All in all we were very pleased with our results!

D.T. Christmas Crafts

Week 12

Class 3 have been thinking about the winter weather and choosing different ways of expressing our responses to the change in seasons! With Mrs Galpin we have created textured tree pictures and as part of our English lessons we have each written a 'Winter Haiku'. We worked hard to include the correct number of syllables in our poems and also tried to include similies to create a wintery feeling for the reader.

Welcoming Winter!

Welcoming Winter! 1
Welcoming Winter! 2

Winter Haikus

Winter Haikus 1
Winter Haikus 2
Winter Haikus 3
Winter Haikus 4
Winter Haikus 5

Week 11

Class 3's challenge for today was to design and build a web for Charlotte the spider using the craft materials they were provided with. The children had to ensure the web was strong enough to support itself and the letters that would spell out an exciting adjective to describe Wilbur the pig. They worked in pairs and had to discuss their ideas, how their design would work and how to make adjustments as they went along. They used their knowledge of spiders and how they spin webs to support their design ideas. It was a tricky but exciting challenge - we can't wait to see the results!!

Charlotte's Web Engineering Challenge!

Charlotte's Web Engineering Challenge! 1
Charlotte's Web Engineering Challenge! 2
Charlotte's Web Engineering Challenge! 3
Charlotte's Web Engineering Challenge! 4
Charlotte's Web Engineering Challenge! 5
Charlotte's Web Engineering Challenge! 6
Charlotte's Web Engineering Challenge! 7
Charlotte's Web Engineering Challenge! 8
Charlotte's Web Engineering Challenge! 9
Charlotte's Web Engineering Challenge! 10
Charlotte's Web Engineering Challenge! 11

Week 9: Charlotte's Web

Class 3 are really getting into their novel for this term - 'Charlotte's Web' by E.B. White. The children have been thinking about the different characters and the important events in the story so far. We enjoyed role playing one important scene which led us on to a great piece of writing. Well done Class 3!

Retelling a scene from Charlotte's Web

Retelling a scene from Charlotte's Web 1
Retelling a scene from Charlotte's Web 2

Week 8: Robert Delauney Paintings

In Art lessons, Class 3 have been studying Robert Delauney and have produced their own paintings inspired by his work. They enjoyed the challenge of balancing geometric shapes and contrasting hot and cold colours to create their pieces for this effective display!

Amazing Artwork!

Amazing Artwork! 1

Week 6: Fun with Fossils!

Class 3 absolutely loved learning about the life and work of Mary Anning and we looked in depth at how fossils are formed. We had so much fun making our own fossils by making impressions of natural materials into plasticine and turning them into plaster casts. We were so excited by the results!

Fossil Fun!

Fossil Fun! 1
Fossil Fun! 2
Fossil Fun! 3
Fossil Fun! 4
Fossil Fun! 5

Week 5: Sedimentary Rocks Demonstration

This week in Science Class 3 have been demonstrating how Sedimentary Rocks are formed over millions of years! Using slices of different breads to represent the different layers of sediment that builds up, the children buried 'artefacts' between the layers and used large books to weigh down upon them just as the sea does upon the layers that eventually become rock. We were excited to see the impression of our artefacts in the bread as it helped us to understand how fossils are formed. This demonstration was lots of fun!

How Sedimentary Rocks are Formed

How Sedimentary Rocks are Formed 1
How Sedimentary Rocks are Formed 2
How Sedimentary Rocks are Formed 3
How Sedimentary Rocks are Formed 4
How Sedimentary Rocks are Formed 5
How Sedimentary Rocks are Formed 6
How Sedimentary Rocks are Formed 7
How Sedimentary Rocks are Formed 8
How Sedimentary Rocks are Formed 9

Week 4: Rock Detectives!

Class 3 are learning all about Rocks this half term and have enjoyed observing, handling, comparing and testing different rock samples in our science lessons. We have learned that there are 3 types of rocks - igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic and have been discovering how each type is formed.

Investigating Rocks

Investigating Rocks 1
Investigating Rocks 2

Week 3: 3D Paper Pillar Challenge!

As part of their maths investigation work, the Class 3 children this week had to test which 3D shape would hold the most weight. They were challenged to fold an A4 piece of paper into either a cylinder, cuboid or triangular prism. They then had to predict which would support the most number of reading books and test out their theories. It was an exciting challenge and the record was 21 books - can you guess which shape was the strongest?!

Paper Pillar Challenge!

Paper Pillar Challenge! 1
Paper Pillar Challenge! 2
Paper Pillar Challenge! 3

Week 2: Marble Maze Challenge

To test our new-found teamwork and problem solving skills, Class 3 children worked in pairs to design and build their own Marble Maze using paper plates and craft materials. Each maze had to have a beginning, an obstacle and an end and the children could design their own system for scoring points. Once the mazes were built we tested each others and gave feedback on each of the designs.

Fun with Marbles Mazes

Fun with Marbles Mazes 1
Fun with Marbles Mazes 2

Week 1

Class 3 have begun this year's learning journey by thinking carefully about what learning is, why we come to school to learn and the kinds of things that help us all to learn. We have been getting to know our new team and have been thinking about what makes a "Great Classmate". We have agreed to help each other as best we can as we continue with our learning this year!

Our Learning Environment

Our Learning Environment 1
Our Learning Environment 2

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