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Class 3

Class 3 20-21

Summer Term

Week 2

Star of the Week: Noah 

V.I.P: Samuel





Sensory Garden - The Planting Phase!

We used our plans to transfer our designs from paper to the real thing! Super creativity, hard work and beautiful results from every group!

Sensory Garden - Planning Phase

In our groups we each had a different role to make sure we worked well together and stayed on task. We shared our design ideas and tested them out before coming up with our final plan.

Week 1

Star of the Week: David

V.I.P: Joshua

Sensory Garden - Design Phase

We have started work on our new project this week - designing a well-being sensory garden in our raised bed. So far we have worked in groups to come up with a theme for each section and have chosen plants within a set budget. More to come next week- watch this space!

Autumn Term

Week 7

Star of the week: Bella

V.I.P: Oscar

Traditional Tales - Using a story map to retell a famous story in our own words

Week 6

Star of the Week: George

V.I.P: Louis

Tales Told in Tents: Developing expressive storytelling in our homemade story tent!

Week 5

Star of the Week: Jacob

V.I.P: Kaitlin

Science: Modelling the DIgestive System

Week 4:

Star of the week: Ronan

V.I.P: Isla 

Recreating Van Gogh's "Wheatfield with Crows" in oil pastels...

Week 3

Star of the Week: Phoebe

V.I.P: David

Working With Others - learning how to work together to build a den at Forest School

Week 2:

Star of the Week: Niamh

V.I.P: Samuel

Our Learning Team - Showing the qualities we want to develop this year...

Class 3 19-20
Summer Term 
Home Learning in Class 3

* Note to parents* We are uploading here a sequence of daily lessons that are designed to follow on from each other. However, each lesson can also be used on its own, so don't worry if you miss any, or want to pick and choose from the ones your child is most interested in! smiley

Friday 22nd May: What have we enjoyed learning?

Your task for today is to have a look and a think back over the learning you have done so far on the Ancient Egyptians. You can also have a read through the non-fiction ebook attached to see just how much we have covered! What have you learned that you didn't know before? Has your way of thinking changed because of something you now know? What was your favourite/least favourite thing to learn about and why? You could make a poster or a mind map to show what you have enjoyed learning about, or you could write a reflection of your thoughts about this topic or any of the lessons in particular. No lessons next week as it is half term! Don't forget to send any photos of yourself or your work from this week for the class gallery. Have a happy half term everyone! laugh

Thursday 21st May: Egyptian inventions

Did you know that there are many things that the Ancient Egyptians invented that we still use today? Although some of them have been updated or adapted over the years, in today's lesson you will recognise some important inventions that the Egyptians used to make their lives easier and more productive, that are still in use now. Read through the information on the first slide and then choose a task to complete from the second. Enjoy learning about just some of the achievements of the Ancient Egyptians.

Wednesday 20th May: Hieroglyphics

Hieroglyphics is the name given to the written language of the Ancient Egyptians which uses pictures and symbols. In the first part of today's lesson you will find out how we are able to translate and read the meanings of the different hieroglyphs, from the discovery of the Rosetta Stone. Your task is to study the hieroglyphic alphabet and have a go at creating your own piece of writing using the symbols. You could write your name, a coded message or even design an inscription for the tomb of a famous pharaoh! Have fun! laugh

Tuesday 19th May: The God Osiris

Today we are going to focus in on one of the most important and famous of the Egyptian gods, Osiris. Read this version of his story in the link below (it is a pdf version of the original interactive ebook). Make sure you have a good understanding of the text before you move on to today's task. Ask an adult to share the reading with you if needed and make sure you find out the meaning of any unfamiliar words so you can understand the story well. Enjoy! smiley

Monday 18th May: Gods and Goddesses

So far we have picked up a few clues as to the beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians, but did you know they worshipped over 2000 different gods?! Today we are going to find out a little more about some of the most famous gods and goddesses and why they were worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians.

Lily's letter from the Prime Minister!

Friday 15th May: Make a mummy!

There are lots of creative and scientific ways you can use to show or further explore your learning about the mummies of Ancient Egypt. The link below gives you some ideas to get you started, or you can come up with your own, using whatever you already have at home. Get creative and have fun! laugh

Have a great weekend and don't forget to send any photos you want to share! 

Thursday 14th May: Mummies!

The bit we have all been waiting for! When important men and women (and pharaohs in particular) died in Ancient Egypt, their bodies were preserved through a process called mummification. This accomplished two purposes: it ensured that their bodies were clean and that their bodies were protected for the afterlife. Today we are going to find out a bit more about why the remains of certain people were mummified and how it was done, including the removal of organs from the body. Fascinating (if a little bit gruesome!) the remains of mummies have survived through time to teach us so much about the lives and beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians. The first slideshow gives a general overview, the second is similar information but in more detail. Enjoy! laugh

Wednesday 13th May: Pharaohs

From the artefacts that have survived from Ancient Egyptian times, it is clear that the Pharaohs were very important people! Today we are going to find out a little more about the role of the Pharaoh, what was believed about them and some of the details that have been learned about the lives of some of the most famous Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. Which one do you think sounds most interesting? Have fun learning today! smiley

Tuesday 12th May: Tutankhamun's Tomb

The discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb taught historians so much about what life was like in Ancient Egypt. Today we are going to find out about Howard Carter and his amazing discovery. As you read through the slideshow and look at the pictures of the artefacts, try to imagine how Howard Carter and his team would have felt seeing those artefacts for the first time after they had been buried more than 3000 years ago! What do you think about the tomb being disturbed? What is the difference between an archaeologist and a tomb robber? Have fun exploring this discovery!

Monday 11th May: Pyramids

Good morning! The Pyramids of Ancient Egypt are some of the oldest structures in the world, but what were they used for? Today we are going to find out a little more about the size, structure and purpose of these huge and fascinating buildings. Read through the information on the first slide and then have a go at the fun task on the second. You could even take a photo of yourself with your work when it's done. Have fun exploring pyramids! smiley

Friday 8th May: Fun and Games!

Life wasn't all about hard work in Ancient Egypt - they also played plenty of games! Use the links below to find out more about the kinds of things the Egyptians used to do for fun. You can do your own research too! Why not have a go at making and playing your own version of one of the games? Don't forget to email any messages of photos of your work to Mrs Hedges to put in the gallery. Have a great day! laugh

Thursday 7th May: Daily life in Ancient Egypt

Yesterday we found out a little bit about the types of roles different people had in Egyptian society, so today we're going to look in a bit more depth at what daily life might have been like during that time. Work through the slideshows below to see what you can find out! The last slide is an artist's impression of some scenes from daily life to help you bring the information to life in your imagination. Enjoy! smiley

Wednesday 6th May: Egyptian social order

Today we are going to look at how society was organised in Ancient Egypt. Who were the important people? What jobs did they do? Do you notice any similarities or differences to how our world is organised now? It seems for the Egyptians, some people were valued more than others, although it could be argued that everyone was important for making things run smoothly! Have a read through today's lesson and see what you think...

Tuesday 5th May: Sources of Evidence

As we have started to see from our museum tour on Friday, some objects survive through time to give us clues about what life was like in the past. Today we are going to look more closely at sources of evidence from Ancient Egypt and ask some of the questions that historians have to consider when trying to find out about the past.

Monday 4th May: A Timeline of Ancient Egypt

So just how long ago did the Ancient Egyptians live? How long were they around for and what sorts of things happened during this time? Today we are going to have a look at how the past can be measured using a timeline. We will learn about some important events and see when they happened in the course of Ancient Egyptian civilisation. Follow the instructions in the slide below to find out more!

P.S. Some new work pictures and messages came in over the weekend so I have added them to last Friday's gallery. Any pictures that come in from today will be saved for the gallery on Friday 8th May.

Fun Friday 1st May: Museum Tour

Today we are going to take a virtual field trip to explore some Ancient Egyptian artefacts in British museums online. Follow the instructions in the link below to see the kinds of objects that have survived since Egyptian times. Thank you to Mrs Dawson for finding the website links - we look forward to seeing which of the artefacts you enjoy most! Have a great day! laugh

Thursday 30th April: Egyptian Holiday

Today we are going to look at the geography of Egypt from a tourist perspective. What would it be like to visit Egypt on holiday? Where would YOU go and what sorts of things would you look out for? What would you need to take with you? Read through the slides to help you find out more and then have a go at the task for today. Have fun! smiley

Wednesday 29th April: What is Egypt like?

Sticking with Geography, today we are going to explore what Egypt is like as a place. We are going to find out lots of facts, including how big the country is, what the weather is like, how many people live there and the name of the capital city. Click and follow the instructions on the links below. There is a choice of tasks for you to have a go at if you would like to! laugh

Tuesday 28th April: Where in the world is Egypt?

Our next few lessons will have a Geography focus. Today our aim is to be able to find Egypt on a map and begin to notice some of the main features of the country as it is today. Please work your way through the first slideshow which has all the information you need for today and then complete the challenges in the second link. Good luck! smiley

Monday 27th April 2020

Good morning and welcome to our new topic on the Ancient Egyptians! Please watch the short video and read the general information in the first link, then you can work through the easy and quick activities on the 2nd link. Enjoy! smiley

Note to parents... 

Lessons will mainly be uploaded in.pdf format and there is no need to print any work or activities out! Please encourage your child to work in a notebook or on paper where work can be kept together as notes may be needed to refer to later. Thank you! smiley


Monday Lesson 1 part 2

Friday 24th April: Your messages from home... (Click on a picture to make it bigger)

Friday 24th April: What's the News?

Hello everybody! Your task for today is to write a letter (no more than 1 page) to all your friends in Class 3 telling them how you are and some of the things been up to since we left school. When you have written it, ask a grown up to take a picture of the letter and email it to Mrs Hedges. You can also send a separate picture or photo of yourself at home, if you like! Mrs Hedges will post your letters and pictures on this page so you can read each other's news and catch up. We look forward to hearing from you! laugh

Dear Class 3,

Your teachers miss you and hope we'll all be back together in school soon!

Until then, we must make sure we don't lose the skills we have learnt in class this year, so we need to keep practising, just a little each day!

Please make sure you are doing 15-20 minutes of READING, WRITING and MATHS and plenty of exercise on the days that you would normally be in school. You can also choose some of the activities from our new topic 'The Ancient Egyptians' to work on. 

We are thinking of you and hoping you and your families are well.


Mrs Hedges, Mrs Galpin and Mrs Dawson smiley

Welcome to Class 3!

Spring Term 2020

Science Investigation: What do plants need to grow well?

Science Investigation; Do people with longer legs jump/throw further?

Autumn Term 2019

Science: Investigating Forces and Magnets

Science Investigation: Testing the properties of rocks.

Class 3 honed their scientific method skills this week to test and record results relating to the properties of different rocks. Using specialist equipment we tested a selection of rocks for permeability, durability and density. This enabled us to sort and group rocks based upon their different properties, to draw conclusions and to discuss appropriate uses for the different rocks we tested.

Science: Modelling Rock formation

In Science lessons we have been learning how the three main types of rock (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic) are formed. We used heat, pressure and a variety of sweet cooking ingredients to model the process and help it stick in our minds!
Summer Term 2019

The Romans in LVGVVALIVM (Carlisle):

Our trip to Tullie House Museum.

We had an exciting day out to Carlisle to learn more about the Romans in Britain at Tullie House museum., the site of a former Roman fort. We took part in a hands-on workshop where we got to handle various Roman and replica artefacts as well as using our senses, knowledge, role-play and questioning skills to try to work out the characters that the different items belonged to.  By seeing and handling real objects we were able to get more of a sense of what life was really like for the Roman and Celtic people living in and around Carlisle at that time. After lunch we explored the museum where we saw lots of Roman artefacts and exhibitions and even climbed a scale model of Hadrian’s Wall!


African Drumming Workshop

Roman Pottery

Emily brought in some samples of real Roman Pottery for us to look at. We got the chance to behave like real archaeologists—digging for evidence and using questioning to try to find out more about what we discovered. We learned about the main types of Roman pottery  called fine ware and course ware and what they would have been used for in every day life or for special occasions.

We studied a real Roman oil lamp and tried to work out what it was used for and what this told us about life in Roman times. We also had a go at making our own Roman style pot from plasticine.


Roman Pottery Investigations

Trip to Windermere Jetty Museum

Class 3 visited the newly-opened Jetty museum and were treated to a tour of the museum's exhibits and a range of activities in the education centre. The children enjoyed the hands-on learning experiences around a range of subject areas including History, Maths, Design and Technology and Science.


We invited Gareth from Woodmatters to our Forest to lead us in an outdoor education day. We learned how to select wood and build our own fires.We made our own charcoal from willow strips and used real tools such as saws and peelers to carve a real butter knife from willow.

Spring Term 2019

K'NEX Engineering workshop

We were delighted to invite Fran from STEM Cumbria to lead us in an engineering and problem-solving workshop using K'NEX construction materials. We learned about the basics of making and strengthening joints through building 2D and 3D shapes and then used what we found out to build a tall and strong tower. We also had a go at designing a helmet and experimented to see if we could create a bridge strong enough for a car to get across!

Windermere Jetty Museum Opening

Year 3 and 4 children were invited to the opening of Windermere Jetty museum to perform their verses of the special folk song we wrote as part of our Arts Award project alongside other local schools. We had a fantastic time and performed our song beautifully! It was great to have a final day performing with musicians Sam and Grace and seeing all our hard work pay off, We were even on the radio! We celebrated our super performance with a Ceilidh dance just for fun. Well done to those children who took part!

Opening of Windermere Jetty Museum

How does the digestive system work?

We created a rather messy model to show the functions of the different parts of the digestive system and how food travels through the body!

Windermere Jetty Museum Trip

To round off our learning with the Folk Song Project, Years 4 and 5 were invited to a "sneak preview" of the Windermere Jetty museum. We had a great time looking at all the exhibits and the highlight was definitely seeing 'Branksome', the boat which we wrote our verse of the song about.

World Book Day!

Class 3 had a wonderful time sharing their favourite books and stories. Some of us dressed in our own clothes and some as favourite book characters and we participated in lots of fun activities to share our love and enjoyment of books!

Traditional Chinese Lion Dance

Class 3 were excited to put into practice some of their learning relating to ancient China when we were visited this week by an artist who taught us a traditional lion dance that is performed at Chinese New Year.


In connection with our learning in Geography, we were visited by Geologist Stephen Wright who shared his expertise of rocks, fossils and volcanoes and shared a variety of resources to help us understand the structure of the earth and how rocks, mountains and volcanoes are formed. Through fun and hands-on activities we experienced different erupting lava and ash volcano models, and even saw live footage of the eruption in EyjafjallajökullIceland in 2010!

Lacrosse Training

Class 3 hit the court with Mr Chambers as part of their weekly P.E. lessons to practise their Lacrosse skills this week. Speed, effort, determination and team-work help us to improve our fitness and skill and we were able to have lots of fun whilst we worked!

Life in the Shang Dynasty

In exploring our History topic, we looked this week at what life was like for different people during the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China. We looked at pictures and artefacts and tried to work out what the roles of different people might be. We then found out about the different levels of society and what life might have been like for the King and his family, Priests and Government Workers, Noble Warriors, Craftsmen, Peasant Farmers and Slaves. In our groups we had to further research, prepare and perform our findings to the rest of the group. We loved putting the details into our role play!

Independent Learners

In Class 3 this term we are working hard at increasing our independence. We work with different people and use a range of skills and resources to help develop our understanding during lessons.

Autumn Term 2018

Christmas is coming!

Class 3 were feeling festive today as we practised our hymn for the Christingle service whilst wearing our Elf hats!


We have been putting our scientific enquiry skills to the test! Our first challenge was to try to make a bulb light up using just a battery and two wires! We didn’t have much  success, so we learned about where electricity comes from, how it travels and what makes a circuit work correctly. We also learned about the dangers of electricity and experimented with different materials to learn whether they conducted electricity or not. We recorded and shared our results.


Remembering World War I

To commemorate 100 years since the end of World War 1, Class 3 spent Remembrance week learning about ‘The Great War’. We read about the causes of the war and built a (very complicated!)timeline to show what had happened in different countries before the fighting began. We looked at a range of historical sources to find out about what life was like for soldiers on the Western Front, designed and built our own trenches and wrote an uncomfortable diary entry describing the  squalid conditions. We also learnt about life in England at the time of the war and created posters encouraging people to ration and grow their own food. We also learned about the important role that women played in the workforce, with a focus on  the   munitions factories.

Drafting a text message/email

It's really important to practise saying aloud and drafting what we want to write about. For this activity we were writing in the role of the boy from our new story 'Into the Forest' by Anthony Brown. With our talk partners we thought about what we might say, said it out loud a few times and then drafted our sentences on to our whiteboards. This meant we could check spellings and make corrections before we typed it up on the laptops. 

Natural Connections Trip

In connection with our learning in Science on the life cycles of plants and trees we visited St Catherine’s Wood where nature expert Gareth taught us how to use our senses to tune into the world around us. We played games to help us notice details and patterns, created art using natural materials and learned more about how trees work. We began to think about what nature means to us.


Our first challenge of the year with our new learning partners was to take 30 art straws and 30cms of tape and build the tallest tower we could. We gained points for height, the tower being able to stand up by itself and for not using extra materials. It was fun and we learned lots about teamwork and building structures!

Our Class 3 pupil team!

Summer Term 2018

Folk Song Recording Session

Class 3 were lucky this week to have the experience of making a professional recording of the folk song that we have helped to write and have worked hard on practising for Lakeland Arts. Sam and Grace explained the process of how song recordings are made and we got to experience the specialist equipment used, as well as hearing our own performance for the first time! We can't wait to hear the final edit and are looking forward to performing for the opening of the new Steamboat Museum in Bowness very soon!

Canoeing Adventure Day

What a fantastic Outdoor Education day we had canoeing on Lake Windermere! We worked as a team to paddle and steer our boats as well as completing several fun challenges! We had fun in and out of the water and had chance to play a few games as well as cooling off from the heat of the day with a dip in the Lake! Many thanks to Mr Tomes who organised and led the sessions for us - it was a fantastic day!!

Crossing the River!

Owl Sanctuary visit

We were so excited this week to be visited by Nicola and 5 of her feathered friends from the Owl Sanctuary. Nicola shared loads of interesting information and the stories of Bulan, Star, Toddy, Cuddles and baby Eagle Owl Clyde who we got to see and even hold! It was a brilliant experience to get to see these amazing creatures up close!

Investigating the life of plants!