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Class 3

Class 3 20-21

Autumn Term

Our Class 3 Pupil Team 2021-22!

Week 10

Week 10

Science: Testing Friction

Our Stars of the Week and V.I.P!

Week 9

Music: Percussion firework composition

Virtual Visit: Prehistory workshop at the British Museum!

Our V.I.P!

Week 8

Boat Building: Year 4 workshop at the Jetty Museum

Our Star of the Week and V.I.P!

Week 7

Working together to build dens in the forest!

Pre-history timelines: Working with others and making choices on how to present our learning

Our Star of the Week and V.I.P.

Week 6

Making woodland creatures using autumn foliage...

String telephones! Testing the science of how sound travels...

Our Star of the Week and V.I.P.

Week 5

A lovely afternoon identifying leaves in the forest!

Our Star of the Week and V.I.P.

Week 4

Creating our own cave-style paintings.

Our Star of the Week and V.I.P.

Week 3

Exploring the tools and skills of Pre-history with Ro and Debs from 'Woodmatters'

Our Star of the Week and V.I.P.

Week 2

Working as a team on a fun STEM challenge!

Our Star of the Week and V.I.P.

Week 1

What kind of Classmates shall we 'BE' this year?

Class 3 20-21

Summer Term

Sensory Garden - The Planting Phase!

We used our plans to transfer our designs from paper to the real thing! Super creativity, hard work and beautiful results from every group!

Sensory Garden - Planning Phase

In our groups we each had a different role to make sure we worked well together and stayed on task. We shared our design ideas and tested them out before coming up with our final plan.

Sensory Garden - Design Phase

We have started work on our new project this week - designing a well-being sensory garden in our raised bed. So far we have worked in groups to come up with a theme for each section and have chosen plants within a set budget. More to come next week- watch this space!

Traditional Tales - Using a story map to retell a famous story in our own words

Tales Told in Tents: Developing expressive storytelling in our homemade story tent!

Science: Modelling the DIgestive System

Recreating Van Gogh's "Wheatfield with Crows" in oil pastels...

Working With Others - learning how to work together to build a den at Forest School

Our Learning Team - Showing the qualities we want to develop this year...


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