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Class 2

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Friday 15th October

Star of the Week: Clover for working very hard and making good progress with number recognition.

VIP: Coen

Our Fruity Windermere Posters displayed in Windermere Library

Visit to Windermere Library

Friday 8th October

Star of the Week: Phoebe for making a great start to Year Two and working so hard in all areas.

VIP: Lucas

Friday 1st October

Star of the Week: Rufus for always persevering in all that you do.

VIP: Eli

Friday 24th September

Star of the Week: Grace for giving all tasks a 'good go'.

VIP: Connor


Outdoor Learning

Forest School: Painting with natural materials

Friday 17th September

Star of the Week: Lula for working really hard in all areas.

VIP: Kenny

Friday 10th September

Stars of the Week: Katie and Maya for settling in so well.

VIP: Leah

Back to Forest School - We love our trees!

Our Web of Memories


Windermere Jetty Museum Visit

Sketching the Goodly Dale Cottages

Our finished Landscapes

Friday 9th July

Star of the Week: Clover for a brilliant Athletics session with Mr Dixon.

VIP: Kenny

Painting our Landscapes

Class walk to Brantfell

Friday 2nd July

Star of the Week: Jojo for a thoughtful and unique plaster of paris landscape design.

VIP: Olek

Plaster of Paris Landscapes

A sunny visit to Millerground Park

Friday 25th June

Star of the Week: Sean for great focus and concentration in Outdoor Learning.

VIP: Leah

After our walk to look at the community fruit areas, we decided that we wanted to let everybody know what a great project 'Fruity Windermere' is. We have made posters and attached a map below so that all our families and friends can benefit from the wonderful free fruit that is being grown for our community in Windermere. 

Fruity Windermere Map

Our Fruity Windermere Posters

Friday 18th June 2021

Star of the Week: All of Year 2 for an excellent first swimming lesson.

VIP: Connor

Fruity Windermere Posters

Friday 11th June

Star of the Week: Thalia for wonderful independent writing in connection with our 'Messy Magpie' work.

VIP: Kenny

We followed a map to visit some of the community fruit trees and bushes in our local area. We identified the trees and bushes from their leaves, blossom and fruit. We enjoyed it that much that we are now making posters to tell everybody about 'Fruity Windermere'.

Friday 28th May

Star of the Week: Connor for a great storyboard about Camille and the Sunflowers

VIP: Josh

Artwork using different materials - Minibeast Habitats

We Love Our Forest!

Making Fruit Kebabs

Friday 21st May

Star of the Week: Oscar B for persevering and producing a wonderful watercolour painting.

VIP: Tilly


We have been developing our work on colour and have used our watercolour pencils in different ways. We each chose a complimentary colour to back our work.

Watercolour Painting in the Sunshine

Friday 14th May

Star of the Week : Ayaz for a wonderful and detailed drawing of Ivy in Outdoor Learning.

VIP: Oscar N

Nature Sketches and Paintings

Friday 7th May

Star of the Week: Alexa for not giving up when working on tricky and challenging maths problems this week.

VIP: Phoebe


Shade and Tone

First we painted a simple picture in dark tones. Then we added white paint and made lighter shades of the colours resulting in a lighter tone.

Friday 30th April


Star of the Week: Zoe for always taking great care with all of her work.

VIP: Bella

Outdoor Learning

We have all worked hard in our garden this week to make the most of the dry weather. We have emptied two compost bins of their crumbly soil and relocated them for a new start. 

We have planted potatoes, spinach and sweet peas.

Fun on our Forest School Swing

Beautiful Bluebells in our Wood

Construction Club

Friday 23rd April 


Star of the Week: Connor for working very carefully and precisely exploring 'tone' in Art.

VIP: Clover

Learning about St George's Day

Outdoor Circle Time

Looking at Colour Tones and Shades

Our Easter Egg Hunt

We have spent the last couple of weeks designing and making plant pots. We used the bottom part of a plastic bottle to make our plant pot. First of all we designed the animal that we would like our pot to be and then we decorated the bottle using paints and sticky back plastic. We learned about where house plants come from and we each chose a house plant for our plant pot.

We have designed and decorated our own Easter Eggs

Friday 26th March 

Star of the Week: Lucas for working so well and independently whilst designing and making his plant pot.

VIP: Josephine


Class Two Flower Bed

Having hopefully banished the burdock, Class 2 have planted 2 Rhododendrons in our herbaceous border. Any other contributions would be gratefully accepted.
Our apple, seed bird feeders have been a great success. We have had visits from robins, blue tits, blackbirds and even a woodpecker!

Friday 19th March

Star of the Week: Bella for a fantastic observational drawing of pussy willow in Outdoor Learning.

VIP: Ayaz

Signs of Spring

Making Bird Feeders

Friday 12th March

Star of the Week: Everyone in Class 2 for settling back into school so well and for having such a fantastic first week back.

VIP: Josh

It's great to be learning outdoors again!

Reindeer Rush

Friday 11th December

Star of the Week: Olek for growing in confidence and trying new things.

VIP: Leah

Friday 4th December

Star of the Week: Bella for working so creatively with clay.

VIP: Oscar (Year 2)

Our finished Diya Lamps

In Outdoor Learning this week we have revisited tree identification and looked at the outline and branch shapes of trees. Here are Oliver, Connor, Zoe and Sean's sketches.

Our Budding Gardeners

Sorting our food into food groups in Science

Friday 27th November

Star of the Week: Thalia for always being so cheerful and happy and for working so hard and enthusiastically.

VIP: Marlo

This week we painted our Diya Lamps with slip and then glazed them. They are now ready for the kiln.

Getting ready for Winter - Gardening

Friday 20th November

Star of the Week: Marlo for showing great enthusiasm, interest and knowledge in History.

VIP: Josephine


Making Diya lamps

Rangoli pattern with natural materials by Zoe and Jo-jo

Josh and Troy planning a garden area

Friday 13th November

Star of the Week: Phoebe for producing some beautiful creative work.

VIP: Ayaz

Remembrance Week


Making Poppies

Visit to the Cenotaph

We Will Remember Them

Outdoor Learning

In Outdoor Learning this week we have looked at the Forestry Commission logo, which represents deciduous and evergreen trees.

We have recorded the hours of daylight and discussed how this is getting shorter. We will continue to record the hours of daylight over the next few weeks and look at how it changes,

We have also done some observational sketches of our school grounds.

Friday 6th November

Star of the Week: Leah for working really hard this week and developing a positive attitude in class.

VIP: Kuba

Bonfire Night Poems

We focused on the celebration of Bonfire Night. We read the story 'Sparks in the Sky' and explored the experience of Bonfire Night using our five senses. We then wrote poems describing what we might see, hear, smell, feel and taste on Bonfire Night.

Friday 23rd October

Star of the Week: Rupert for trying so hard in all things and doing everything with a smile on his face.

VIP: Alexa

Planning our Apple and Blackberry Crumble

Making our Apple and Blackberry Crumble

Fun in Outdoor Learning

Friday 16th October

Star of the Week:  Oscar (Yr1) for showing great enthusiasm in all areas of learning, especially Science.

VIP: Kenny

Autumn Threading

We used the natural materials that we had collected to thread an Autumn themed sequenced pattern. We put the separate threadings together to make Autumn mobiles.

Seeded Initials Display

Friday 9th October

Star of the Week: Josh for having a great attitude in class this week.

VIP: Matilda

Headteacher's Lunchtime Award: Kuba


It's got acorns, seed heads and brown leaves. I made a berry and it fell down into my pond.



In my garden there is an acorn, a river, a mushroom, berries, a rosehip berry and a pine cone. I liked making my Autumn garden.



It's a forest. It's dead leaves because it's Autumn. I made some little red berries. The leaves are dead and brown.



I made a mushroom. I always find mushrooms in Autumn. There's an acorn, a big fruit tree, an apple, blackberries on every fruit tree. I have a golden lake. 


Friday 2nd October

Star of the Week:  Troy for working hard and producing lots of fantastic work.

VIP: Zoe

Headteacher's Lunchtime Award: Thalia

Collecting Signs of Autumn

In our Outdoor Learning this week we have looked for signs of Autumn. We have also started our minature Autumn Gardens.
We celebrated National Poetry Day by writing Autumn Poems inspired by things that we found in our wood. We then shared our poems with each other whist sat at the Pixie Circle.

Our Autumn Poems


I found a little stick.

I found it in the grass.

It feels soft and wet.

Will it change colour?

By Lucas


I found a dock leaf.

I found it in the grass.

It’s pink and green.

Can it grow smaller?