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Whatever Next! *Edited*

Wow! Said the Owl.

Handa's Surprise

Aliens Love underpants - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for kids

Hi everyone!


Thank you to everyone who sent in work and pictures from last week's Whatever Next! It's fantastic seeing how hard you are all working in such difficult circumstances. 


This week, we are continuing with the space theme, but looking at a new book; "Aliens love Underpants". This work has been planned to be spread over two weeks, so take your time with it and don't feel it all has to be done quickly. 

Start by watching/reading the story (remember to watch/read a few times over the 2 weeks).

Talk to your child/ren about what they have watched/read - did they like the story? What did they like/not like about the story? Have a look at the different aliens in the story, is there one they liked/found funny? How are these aliens different from us?


Have a go at drawing your own alien - have a think before you draw them about what they will look like, will he have lots of eyes or lots of arms or no legs, for example. Once you have drawn your alien and coloured him in - give him a name, what planet are they from? How old are they? Do they have a job or are they at school? Write a few captions about your alien.


Write a letter to an alien - what would you like to find out about them? Ask them about their family? Their planet? etc. (They may write back! (Mum/Dad/older brother or sister could write back pretending to be the alien))


Research space, using google and any books on space you may have at home. Can you find out what the planets in our solar system are called? What else would you like to know about space? Gravity, black holes, stars, meteorites, aliens, astronauts - encourage your child to take the lead with what they are interested in finding out.


Have a go at drawing the planets in our solar system - what shape are they? Reception use the term sphere, Nursery use the term circle. Reception have a go at labeling the names of the planets.


Draw out 11 pairs of pants and cut them out. Reception write the numbers 10-20 inclusive on each pair of pants, Nursery write the numbers 0-10 inclusive on each pair. Decorate your pants.


Using these numbered pants, have a got at putting them in order (mix the numbers up first to make it trickier). If you have pegs at home get your child to peg the pants up in order, like on a washing line, using pegs is great for fine motor development. Once they have placed them in the correct order play a game, where your child closes their eyes, whilst you remove one number - when they open their eyes can they figure out which number is missing? If this is too difficult, use easier numbers, if this is too easy try removing more than one number. 


Either using 3D junk (old boxes, toilet roll etc) or flat 2D shapes (cut out squares, circles, triangles etc) have a go at building an alien, space ship or a rocket. Decide which you are going to do before you start.




Whatever Next!

Whatever Next! By Jill Murphy. Stories read aloud. Read by The Story Teller.

Hello everyone!


This week's text is Whatever Next! by Jill Murphy.

Have a look at the first screen shot/front cover - what can your child see? Describe what is happening in the picture, what do they think might happen in the story? Encourage them to base their predictions on what they can see in the picture. 


Watch/read the book. Did they guess what was going to happen in the story? Encourage them to re-tell the story, what can they remember? 


Role play the story with your child/ren - can you collect some of the things from the story for props; a box, welly boots and colander and set off to space. Have fun pretending to do a space walk on the moon, talking to your child about how they would be walking differently on the moon because of the lack of gravity. 


Make a story map of the story. Draw little pictures followed by an arrow of what happens in the book, what happens first? Then what happens? What happens next? Drawing a little picture each time to show what is happening in the story. Reception - can you label/caption your pictures? Write some key words to go with your pictures.(In order to do a story map the children will have needed to have watched the story a number of times, to ensure they are familiar with it). 


Just like Baby Bear had a picnic on the moon, plan to have a picnic, (either outside or in the house, or in space for extra points on role play!) Think about what you would like/need for a picnic - Reception - write a list. 


Baby bear "packed his teddy and some food for the journey" - what things would you take to space with you? Draw a picture of them. Reception - label these pictures.


Maths - 3d shapes. In the story, baby bear has a box (cube), a packet of biscuits (cylinder), he lands on the moon (sphere (technically the moon is an oblate spheroid, but we'll keep it simple!!)). Can you find any of these 3d shapes around your house? Can you find more cylinders? More cubes or sphere? Take photos of what you find.


To help, further with your child's home learning, please consider downloading the 'Reading Eggs' app. If you access it through their website, as opposed to the app store, you can access a 30 day free trial - I am not suggesting you purchase this app, as it is quite expensive, but please make the most of the free trial via the website. On this app, you will also have access to 'Math Seeds'. Both Reading Eggs and Maths Seeds are fantastic resources, with plenty of games and videos to keep your child/ren entertained. 


Looking forward to seeing all your space themed photographs.

Mrs Morrison


1 June 2020

Mrs Rollins has missed everyone in class and has read the story "Superworm!" She hopes she can see you all again soon! Below there will be some activities for you to try!




This week at school, we are going to be looking at Superworm! 

We will read (watch at home) the story a number of times, so the children are familiar with the story.


Talk to the children about the story, did they enjoy it? Did they not like it? What did they like (or not like) about the book? Can they talk to you about the characters from the story? Who were the heroes in the story, was it just super worm? Who else was super brave? 


Ask your children to think about other people who are heroes? What makes them a hero? Are they brave? Talk to your children about any other people who you think are brave - fire fighters, nurses (particularly at the moment), soldiers? Talk to them about how they, themselves, have had to be brave over the last 10 weeks, explain to them how and why they have been so brave and what they have to do. 


Encourage your child to draw a picture of their hero/superhero. Once they have drawn this, ask them to draw themselves as superheroes, because all the children have been absolute superstars during this time (though I'm sure some days it didn't feel that way!!) Whilst they are drawing their pictures, encourage them to draw a head, body, arms, legs, face, etc. Encourage them to write down what their super powers are! 


Make binoculars - using the middle of 2 toilet rolls, join them together and attach them to make a pair of binoculars. Decorate, if you would like.

With your binoculars, go on a bug hunt! What minibeasts can you find? Can you find worms, beetles, bees and bugs? Have a go at making a tally chart of all the minibeasts you find - write a list of bugs you can think of down one side and on the other side make a mark every time you find that bug! When you have finished, count how many of each minibeasts you found. Which had the most? Which had the least? How many bugs did you find all together?


Make a bug hotel for your garden - using any recycling you have at home, have a go at making a little house for some bugs.


Look at bugs online or in books. Which bugs can fly? How many legs do the different bugs have? Which bug has the most legs? 


As always, do what you can and I would love to see any photographs of the children or of their work!


Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Morrison

Wow! Said the Owl

Hi Class One, here is our new focus book for the week - "Wow! Said the Owl" by Tim Hopwood

Hi everyone!


I hope you are all keeping well and managed to have fun with some of the Handa activities I set for you last week. Thank you for sending in some pictures,I hope you managed to have a little look at what your friends have been up to. I know I have missed seeing all your faces and it has made me smile seeing yours again!


The activities I have set below are based on the book, "Wow! Said the Owl." by Tim Hopwood. Above is a quick (embarrassing!) video of me reading the story.


  • Watch the video together.
  • Talk about what the story was about.
  • What colours can they remember from the story? What were the colours describing? (e.g. yellow sun)
  • Have a go at creating your own colour book - What can you find in your house that is the colour pink? Nursery - draw what you have found. Reception - draw and label what you have found. After pink, go through all the colours of the rainbow finding things in your house that are the same colour, drawing and writing what you find.
  • In the book the Owl see's a rainbow - I'm sure that whilst we have been on lockdown, you have all seen lots of rainbows that other children have created and have put in their window and I am sure a lot of you will have already made a rainbow for your windows at home. If you have already made a rainbow, please can you photograph it and email it to me so that I can print them out and we can have a rainbow display at school when we are all back together again. If you have not made a rainbow yet, have a go at making one, however you would like to, maybe by painting, colouring or collage.
  • Rainbows often are a symbol of hope for some people, talk about the things that you are hoping for, either now or when lockdown has finished - draw or write these down. For example, seeing friends, family or eating a triple scoop ice-cream from the Little Ice-Cream Shop! The whole family could have a go at this. Then fold them up and put them in a special place until after lockdown.
  • Go on a colour scavanger hunt - search the house for things that are red. Once you have collected a number of red items - count how many items you managed to find. Repeat for other colours, again counting how many objects of that colour they could find. Talk to them about which one had the most, which had the least. Can we find one more object? If we can find one more, how many will we have?
  • Whilst out on a walk, see if you can spot some of the things that were mentioned in the story - is the yellow sun out or are there grey skies? Can you see some green leaves or orange flowers? Take some photographs of all the different colourful things you can find.
  • Also, whilst out and about, have a look for a pebble or a small rock, something big enough to write your name on. Once you have found one, bring it home and paint it, either in the theme of a rainbow or a colour from the rainbow. Write your name on the back. Keep your rock or pebble safe and when we are all back in school, you can bring it in and we can create a rockery of rainbow pebbles. 


Enjoy the activities I have planned for you and as ever, only do what you can. Remember, mental health above all else.

Please take some pictures and email them to me at if you get chance. 


Take care and stay safe.   


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